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Blog page.
This domain's main purpose has always been first a secure mail server for encrypted secure email use. History starts mid 1990`s as first a Dial-up BBS, then expanding to a Dial-up Internet access portal.

For now this page is more of a placeholder, I will add content as time allows.

This site in it's over twenty years, has transformed to what it is today.
It always has been an effective, secure, email hosting service -
with a public web page as a secondary focus.

Should you be an Internet investor - looking at this and my other sites, keep in mind I know full well the value of what I own, copyrite, and trademark.

Interested in purchasing one of my Domain names?
Click this link and Read it completely (get a translator!)

Should you desire to extend a viable reasonable purchase inquiry, do realize all three letter domain names regardless of: ownership, history, content,
have a starting market value of at least $900,000.
Any offer less, is nothing short of insulting and will be interpreted as just that, along with demonstrating a blatant disregard to reviewing this content -
Very bad form with zero professionalism.

Now if you are interested in Domain name rlw.net ~
The base price is $1,250,433.00 US dollars.

That's it for now - thank you for visiting and check back soon.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us.
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